September 03, 2011


     When my uncle and mother were young, their uncle was also a photographer. He was my uncle's inspiration. On a visit to China, my uncle gave me a Nikon D40x, and his tripod. His uncle had given him the tripod when he first started taking photos, and he passed it on to me. I named my Nikon Codie, and Codie triggered the beginning of an amazing relationship with photography that has brought so much excitement, joy and frustration to my life. 

     Last year on June 24th I went on a spontaneous photojourney around the suburb. The lighting was amazing. I ended up shooting the full memory card worth of photos. On that day I decided to start Project365. The following 365 days would involve the most trying moments of all my photographic endeavors...

Project365: Day 1 collection

     There were times when I was sure I could not possibly produce something worth uploading, but I couldn't bring myself to quit. No matter how down I felt, I knew I had to follow it through. So I did. And I've never felt so proud. Completing this project has made me appreciate photography and fall in love with the process all over again. Some of my best work has come from Project365. Forcing me to shoot and edit everyday was tedious, but worth it.

     I can't wait to continue my journey and take my photography further to push the limits of my creativity.


  1. oh god <3 they're so nice and lovely :D

  2. Anonymous4.9.11

    I love your photos and always enjoy your uploads on flickr! I annoyingly quit my 365 this year because I couldn't take a photo everyday and didn't want to cheat, you give a lot of inspiration and I admire the way you push yourself for amazing photos :) x

  3. These are seriously amazing Dani, you never cease to surprise and amaze me :) I can't find a link on your page to follow you!

    Love, Maggie

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    @Maggie, I think there's a 'subscribe by email' link on the right hand side just above 'links' or there's a link underneath my posts that say 'subscribe to: posts (atom)'. :)

  5. Beautiful photos, they are really stunning masterpieces within themselves! ♥ Am excited to see what's next for your project!

    The Style Moodboard


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