September 16, 2011

Free Lightroom Preset #1

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was Thursday. It was also the day of my very first studio photoshoot in which I was the model rather than the photographer. MODELLING IS SO MUCH FUN. I mean, I'm aching all over because of having to stand in awkward positions for five hours, but it was so worth it! It was organised by myself and a fellow Canberran photographer Robert Coppa, with amazing makeup by Anne McAnulty and hair by Jessica Lewis. Wardrobe was from Alice Be Curious. Robert was quick with the release of the first image of the shoot (Thanks, Rob!):

(Please disregard my awkward facial expressions.) As you can see, my back is slightly broken in this picture. And because I had to stand with all my weight balanced on one side, this morning I woke up feeling like I've run a 27429km hopping marathon with my right leg. Good times. I wouldn't mind keeping this going. Modelling and photography kind of go hand-in-hand (though modelling for another photographer is so different to taking self-portraits!)

Check out Robert's other work. It's well worth it!

A couple of days ago I promised I'd share a Lightroom preset that I use for my photos. I generally have 5 or so that I mainly use, and I tweak those five according to the different lighting situations I shoot in etc. 

This preset it called 'Vestal by Daniele' and although I don't mind sharing it with my fans and readers and I'm happy for you to use it for your own editing, I'd really appreciate it if you would credit the preset to me and link it back to me or something. I've put a lot of effort into perfecting my presets and I don't want them to be taken advantage of. They're my babies. ;)

Vestal by Danièle - Before

Vestal by Danièle - After

If you like it, download it here or copy into your browser. It should work with all versions of Lightroom, but let me know if it doesn't and I'll try and fix it! Shoot me any questions you have regarding editing and all that. I'd love to answer them.

I might also upload more of these if Vestal gets a good response. Enjoy and spread the love!
Please leave a link in the comments if you've used the preset - I'd love to see your work!

I'll update sometime after my shoot tomorrow with Divya and Allura. It's going to be fun fun fun as long as the weather holds up!


  1. oh wow! you look absolutely gorgeous on the studio! keep it up

    "Vestal by Daniele" probably my most desired preset ever. Thank you dan!

  2. i dont know what happened, i couldn't download the file :( maybe im a stupid. help plz

  3. Have you tried right-clicking and clicking 'save as...'? It won't work if you just click on it. :)

  4. hey! thanks dan. you are just too kind :)

  5. Anonymous25.5.12

    Thank you Dan.... you look wonderful and very kind..... stay pretty!


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