September 17, 2011

Divya and Allura

I had a shoot with Divya and Allura today. It was just lovely! The weather was amazing - it was sunny and warm (though it would have been better if it were overcast!) I was joined by Angie To from Angie To Photography who was taking behind-the-scenes photographs, and Bethanie who was assisting with the reflectors and being her generally awesome self.

Although my original concept was more neutral and flowy than the final styling, I think the two models' outfits complimented each other well! Divya wore a beautiful black blouse-like thing (alliteration!) and Allura wore one of my many dresses with lace, and a fur shawl. It turned into a sort of Ebony and Ivory kind of look - I liked it! Oh, and as of yesterday my hair is purple!

The beautiful couple ;)

Dani in action! (Taken by Angie)

The crew (minus Bethanie)!

Camwhoring with Angie!

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