September 24, 2011


Hello readers,
So I came back from Melbourne just yesterday. While I was visiting I managed to fit in 2 shoots, one with Jay and one with Maggie for her fashion blog (see part 1). I won't post the photos from Maggie's shoot because they'll feature on her blog.
The original concept for Jay's shoot was 'street grunge' or something along those lines. (Think Taylor Momsen cross Effy Stonem.)

Pretty sure she's the most adorable thing ever.

A before and after shot

Purple hair buddies! We're such dorks.

It was such a fun shoot. Too bad the wind was way too intense so we didn't shoot for long. Can't wait to shoot her again next time I'm in Melbourne.


  1. Just wondering, i have a few questions....
    ok, here it goes
    1. do you overexpose your images(in camera)or edit them?
    2. do you use reflectors for self portraits?
    3. do you use prime lens?
    4. remote or self timer?
    5. jpeg or raw?

    You are quite talented photographer you know. So don't stop being great and continue taking these beautiful photos :)

  2. Hello! Thanks for your questions. I'll try and answer them :)

    1. Overexposing photos when you take them means that the details get washed out of the light areas. It's always better to underexpose them slightly. That way you can lighten the image later when editing without losing important image details.

    2. Um no. I only recently bought a reflector from eBay so I never used them for my self-portraits. Another point is that when I take self-portraits I don't have anyone with me to hold the reflectors so I can't use it.

    3. I use a 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. I prefer it to zoom lenses. I'm not sure why, I think I just prefer to move myself around the subject than make do with zooming closer or whatever.

    4. I got a remote in the first month of Project 365 so that helped with self-portraits. I used to have to run back and forth with self-timer on. That was such a chore.

    5. I shoot with JPEG because I feel like it holds enough quality for me to edit it. Plus Lightroom recognises JPEG really easily and doesn't recognise RAW files for some reason.

    Thank you :) I hope I've answered everything!


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