October 22, 2011


Lately I've felt like my photography is missing something. With university work always on my tail I've barely left the house to shoot anything. I feel like my life consists of waking up, heading to classes, heading home and staying there. I have no inspiration and no adventure. I need the inspiration from the real and the tangible. I need to walk through the tree-filled countryside, wander along stepping stones through pretty rivers and experience surprise encounters with Australian wildlife. What I have right now is repetitive, jejune, tedious... Life is bigger than this.

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  1. Life IS bigger than that...

    Keep your mind ready for the moment you're going to take the photos you are going to take. Even if your body has to trudge to school and back and to school and back... keep the best part of your mind on those wonderful works of art you are about to create, even though you don't even know what they will look like.

    It's right around the corner. Promise. :-)


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