October 14, 2011


Hello readers!

I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been doing tonnes of uni work and cramming assignments in so I haven't had much time.

Recently, I modeled for friend/amazing photographer Geoff Jones and had SO much fun! Make up was by his lovely wife, Mary Li. Check it out!

(click through to see it larger)

In other news, my tripod broke today while taking some self-portraits :(

RIP tripod. You've served me well.
At least I got these very purple selfies in the last moments before its death!

(Click through for better quality!)
(Click through for better quality!)

On Saturday I have a shoot with Lauren which will be much, much fun. I haven't had a proper shoot in a while. School keeps getting in the way of me picking up the camera! I've also had to put off buying the 50mm f/1.4 because I'm going to Soundwave music festival instead. I think I'll survive... For now.

I hope everyone is doing well! And for my Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra readers, I still have the special offer running for portrait sessions if you book before the end of the month! You're saving over $50 so if you were planning to make a booking anyway, why not do it now? e-mail me at info@danielemartinie.com for a quote!

Will blog after my shoot this weekend,

Danièle xx


  1. I love your photo's! Very professional :) I've always been an admirer of lovely photographs <3

  2. Anonymous14.10.11

    i like your style. cool photos.


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