April 07, 2012


To catch the morning fog we had to get up and shooting by 8am. It was worth it, of course. Seeing the sun rise just made me wonder why I never get up that early. It's really quite magical and I think it has to be one of my favourite times of the day to go shooting. 

And of course it's always a pleasure shooting with Nastia! Big thanks to Christopher for getting up at the ridiculous hour of 6.30 so that he could drive us around. So many shoots could not have happened without his help.

Here's some behind the scenes shots Chris captured: 

More news: I finally bought a 50mm 1.4. I did have to settle for the Sigma rather than the Nikkor, simply because I can't afford it. I've yet to have the opportunity to take it for a spin, but I'm super keen! I'm on study break for two weeks so I'm hoping to get a chance for a quick shoot sometime. I'm also starting my job on Friday. It's a little nerve-racking since the only job I've really had is through photoshoots. Wish me luck.


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