September 11, 2012

noise (a personal series)

I have not felt inspired for a very long time. I'm still trying.

Two weeks ago someone broke into my home and stole from us. We lost laptops and money and jewellery, including all my images and files and university notes that I needed for my exams that week. Fortunately, our laptops were recovered and I've now backed up everything. I am very aware that we could have easily never found them again. We were lucky this time.

I don't understand people.


  1. Anonymous12.9.12

    how did you retrieve your laptops?

  2. They were found ditched not far from our house. We're not sure why they left them behind.

  3. That's horrible. I hope everything gets much better from here <3

  4. You've not felt inspired? Really? These images are just stunning... wonderful!


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