February 12, 2013

Nikolina @ Chadwicks

Model: Nikolina 
MUAH: Cleopatra Tucker

Huge thanks to Jack Grayson (fashion photographer) and Amelia O (THE EDIT Vintage Store)

     Shooting through an agency was so unfamiliar to me. Having no personal contact with the model, it was hard to gauge her interest and direction in the shoot. Most of the time I can talk the concept through with the model and can tell if they'll be suited or comfortable shooting the concept. I originally had the concept in mind for this shoot to be inspired by Damian Vignaux. On the day, my instincts (coupled by the way Nikolina worked in front of the lens) led the shoot in a different direction. I'm always happy to follow the flow of the shoot, though. And I'm happy with the photos we've created.

     I realised that it's hard to stray from my own style of photography. I often don't try and base concepts on other photographers' work. I think it's mostly because if they're such an inspiration to me, their work is way beyond what I can achieve in the first place... I'm still keen to follow through with the concept, however, and will probably do so when I've found the right model for it. (I have someone in mind, and she's perfect for it - we'll see how that turns out!)

x Danièle

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