April 02, 2013

eternal sunshine

It's about time I posted this full series. I'm sorry it took so long.

Model: Akane Sato
MUA: Shannon Walker

     The last image was retouched by the amazing Geoff Jones with his super photoshop abilities! I wasn't going to use the image at all if it weren't for Geoff's help. Thank you, Geoff!

     I think the colours of this series are what make it so lovely. I've always loved pastel shades, and for a while I have been meaning to style a studio shoot that is entirely pastel. That won't be for a while yet, but I'm already looking forward to it!

     I have two shoots coming up, providing I can fit it into my honours schedule. The first is going to be a shoot with my housemate, using both film and digital. I'm excited to test out my film camera properly and make sure it works before I take it to the wedding I'm shooting in June. The second shoot is coming up in May and will be my second with a Chadwick model. I've managed to convince Mary Li to come on board which I am SUPER stoked about. I've known Mary for a while now (and I've modelled for her and her husband Geoff Jones many times) but we've never actually done a shoot together with me as the photographer. I'm still looking for a stylist, but when it's all confirmed it's going to be wonderful.

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter weekend. Stay safe.

     Ja ne,


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  1. Ja ne hahaha! I love that! And the photos are beautiful, as always xo


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