January 08, 2015

josephine part one


here goes an attempt to photograph more, adventure more x

model: joséphine giles

May 03, 2014


Last week I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Catherine at my place. As a first-timer, I'd say she did swimmingly. Wouldn't you agree?

Shout out to Ciara Rose for assisting with makeup, reflector-holding and general funnies. I had a really rad day.

I know I've been awfully quiet. I haven't felt a creative spark for a while and I'm still looking for work. It's hard to focus on anything when you're unsettled- and that's all I've felt the last few months. In a week I'll be heading to China to visit family for a month. Maybe things will look up for me when I come home.

Ja ne.

November 15, 2013

Diviner ft. Nastia

Model: Nastia

Black velvet choker, clear quartz choker and pom pom bracelet by Zarić Jewellery







So here's the second part to my collaboration with Nastia a couple of weeks ago. I'll be shooting a little look book for Zarić Jewellery (designed and handmade by Nastia herself) and it's happening this Sunday, including the talent of model Natalia Held and styling by the lovely Zoe Brown of wnd.lnd. I can't wait! 

Also, I have myself one of the gorgeous chokers you see in this series. Contact zaricjewellery@gmail.com for enquiries or purchases.

xx Dani

October 31, 2013

Violette ft. Nastia

model: Nastia

It's been a while.

On Monday I handed in the final copy of my 10,000+ word thesis. To celebrate all the free time I now have, I'm throwing myself head-first into photography to make up for the last few months of absence.

Today, I collaborated with the ever-so-enchanting Nastia. The atmosphere of every shoot we do together is incredibly relaxed and free of pressure... It's the reason why Nastia is one of my favourite people to work with! Today was no different.

Here is part one of our collaboration. This series is called Violette.





Today was just perfect.

Dani x