October 28, 2011


I got a roll of film developed yesterday. These must have been from my last visit to Melbourne. I've always loved the atmosphere of the State Library.

October 24, 2011

Jessica G

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This series was shot yesterday not too far from my place. It was 26 degrees Celsius...

Model is Jessica G, with makeup by her sister-in-law, Jolina O'Hair MUA (you might remember her from my lace shoot with Nastia, Celia and Natalia).

October 22, 2011


Lately I've felt like my photography is missing something. With university work always on my tail I've barely left the house to shoot anything. I feel like my life consists of waking up, heading to classes, heading home and staying there. I have no inspiration and no adventure. I need the inspiration from the real and the tangible. I need to walk through the tree-filled countryside, wander along stepping stones through pretty rivers and experience surprise encounters with Australian wildlife. What I have right now is repetitive, jejune, tedious... Life is bigger than this.

October 20, 2011


Hi everyone!

As you may have read, a couple of days ago I had a shoot with the lovely Lauren with makeup by Lisa Cassel (you might remember her from my shoot with Jessica Claire a while back). Two of the three shots that I uploaded made it to Flickr's Explore (peaked at #6 and #240)!

I have a shoot on Sunday with Jolina O'Hair MUA and Jessica, so new photos will be up soon!

I'm still taking bookings for portrait sessions in Canberra/Melbourne/Sydney over the next few months (but cheapest if you book before November when my rates go up!) so shoot me an email if you're interested! (I'm also shooting families and couples)

E-mail me at info@danielemartinie.com for more details!


October 14, 2011


Hello readers!

I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been doing tonnes of uni work and cramming assignments in so I haven't had much time.

Recently, I modeled for friend/amazing photographer Geoff Jones and had SO much fun! Make up was by his lovely wife, Mary Li. Check it out!

(click through to see it larger)

In other news, my tripod broke today while taking some self-portraits :(

RIP tripod. You've served me well.
At least I got these very purple selfies in the last moments before its death!

(Click through for better quality!)
(Click through for better quality!)

On Saturday I have a shoot with Lauren which will be much, much fun. I haven't had a proper shoot in a while. School keeps getting in the way of me picking up the camera! I've also had to put off buying the 50mm f/1.4 because I'm going to Soundwave music festival instead. I think I'll survive... For now.

I hope everyone is doing well! And for my Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra readers, I still have the special offer running for portrait sessions if you book before the end of the month! You're saving over $50 so if you were planning to make a booking anyway, why not do it now? e-mail me at info@danielemartinie.com for a quote!

Will blog after my shoot this weekend,

Danièle xx

October 01, 2011

Monochrome - New Lightroom preset!

Hello, lovelies!

So I hit 500 fans on Facebook today (YAY!) and as promised, I've got a black and white preset up for downloading at my website: http://www.danielemartinie.com/downloads.html

(Like the last one, just right-click the file and select 'save as...')

Monochrome by Danièle:


Download Monochrome by Danièle
Please leave a link in the comments if you've used the preset - I'd love to see your work!

In other news, I'll be assisting in a photoshoot on Monday, modelling for a fellow photographer on Wednesday and (hopefully) have a shoot planned and ready for next Sunday.

I hope everyone is doing well!