December 18, 2012

dreaming in suburbia: Chelsea pt 2

Model: Chelsea Z
MUA: Shannon W

The second instalment from my shoot with the beautiful Chelsea ft. a gorgeous vintage dress I salvaged from a thrift store on Chapel Street. I'm so happy with both of these series, especially since I hadn't had a shoot for months... It feels good to have new work up. I hope you enjoy them.

- Danièle x

December 14, 2012

wild youth: Chelsea pt 1

Model: Chelsea Z
MUA: Shannon W

On my last trip to Melbourne I organised photoshoots with two models I had never worked with before. The first was 17-year-old Chelsea.

I also took the opportunity to invite an old high school friend, Shannon Walker, to be MUA for both shoots. She did such a brilliant job. I love the feeling of seeing someone after so long (years, in fact) and finding that you still get along as though nothing has changed.

Although Chelsea is relatively new to modelling, she knew what she was doing. It seemed so natural to her to be in front of my lens. The weather was a mighty 37 degrees but we braved the scorching sun.


Part 2 will come soon.

- Danièle x

October 26, 2012

phantom in a filmstrip

SOOC. The light was pretty.

I haven't had a shoot since last month with Natasha. I blame exams, assignments, work etc.

On the upside, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my new housemate, Eleanor.  It will be so lovely to have a model and photographer under the same roof. The shoots will be amazing (and hopefully frequent)!

I can't wait until summer.

Danièle x

September 13, 2012

Sydney, film

We went on a road trip to Sydney to see some bands. I shot a roll of film.



Me, taken by Cameron

x Danièle

September 11, 2012

noise (a personal series)

I have not felt inspired for a very long time. I'm still trying.

Two weeks ago someone broke into my home and stole from us. We lost laptops and money and jewellery, including all my images and files and university notes that I needed for my exams that week. Fortunately, our laptops were recovered and I've now backed up everything. I am very aware that we could have easily never found them again. We were lucky this time.

I don't understand people.

August 05, 2012

Part 3

Finally. I promise I'll post again soon.

Model, Nastia Zarić
Stylist, Zoe Brown
Makeup/Hair, Hayley Boyle

July 23, 2012

Part 2

Finally have access to the internet to upload part 2. The final installment is coming soon!

Thanks again, team!

Model, Nastia Zarić
Stylist, Zoe Brown
Makeup/Hair, Hayley Boyle