January 03, 2013


I almost started project 365 again this year. It's probably good that I don't. I'm not sure I'll have much time each day to shoot and edit considering I have a year of research and thesis-writing ahead of me. I think I'll just try and shoot more often instead. Here's a series I shot in my backyard today. 


I noticed in the last couple of weeks that my Sigma wasn't focusing properly. All the shots seemed to be out of focus by just a couple of millimeters. I'll be taking the lens back tomorrow to get it repaired. I may have to dig out my old Nikkor 35 1.8 to use in the meantime.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new years celebration. Stay safe.

Daniele x

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  1. I just found the first self portrait of this post on Flickr and it peaked my interest so I figured I'd take a look at your photostream and blog as well; You've got some very beautiful portraits in your portfolio and your self portraits are splendid too. I must say that I really like your style of photography, it's very elegant and soft. I'll be following your work for sure!


Dear Danièle,